“An unplanned or fortunate discovery”

It dawned on me that when you look at life, it’s often a series of striking moments and memories – some in black and white and some in glorious technicolor.

If I’ve got my camera with me, I can often catch those wonderful, crazy, surprising moments as images. They’re always random and never expected. A diary of sorts.

Walking waiter| Soho, London

Tribal face red mural on brick
Tribal red mural| Kentish Town, London

man in medieval leper clothing
Leper in the evening| Italy

Several Italian hunting dogs in metal cage
Hunting dogs| Le Marche

Truck on viaduct against clouds
Truck on viaduct| Abruzzo

Blue toy car VW Beetle
Toy car

two wooden folding chairs against a wall, Rome
Folded wooden chairs| Rome