Earthquake journal

newspaper cutting picture of earthquake damage Italy

My photo-diary tells the story of what happened to me and my world, here in Italy, when the huge earthquakes struck in the summer of 2016. They kept coming for most of 2017 and nearly broke our spirits.

Links to my earthquake photo-diary

What happened?

Just before dawn on August 24 2016 the first of the earthquakes came … we weren’t to know but they would keep on coming for many, many months. All of our lives changed forever, especially for the families of the 300 people who died. I lost my home and we all still face enormous difficulties even today.

Earthquake damage in Italian town

That first huge quake left tens of thousands of us homeless and changed not just the physical landscape but all our psyches as well. None of us will ever be the same again.

My journal – in words

I wrote a 13-part photo-journal about the events caused by the earthquakes. Each chapter is about 5 minutes long and I talk about what we were all going through, what we felt and how we tried so hard to cope with this ongoing nightmare.

My journal – in pictures

During this period I traveled around the region taking hundreds of photographs, documenting this immense seismic natural disaster. I was deeply traumatized and needed to understand what had happened to us and the only way I knew how to do it was with my camera. I also took pictures showing the daily ‘grind’ of life during an earthquake swarm, how I had to live in this new world I found myself in.

Everyone lived in a permanent state of fear and alert, never knowing when the next strike would come (only knowing that it would). I was very solitary at that time and taking the pictures was somehow a way for me to communicate what was happening to us.