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Tamsen Courtenay as child in old fashioned hairdryer

This bit is really for other journalists and broadcasters (and the mildly curious, too, I guess) and should have everything you guys need. Oh, the picture of me? Couldn’t think what image to put here!

About Four Feet Under

Why I wrote the book, what’s in it and many of the photographs are all in this site’s section called Four Feet Under (click here)

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Review quotes

THE GUARDIAN – Witty, humane and shocking. Every politician in the country should be strapped to a chair and made to read it

JON SNOW, C4 – Touching and human, this book demands a social and above all, political response

THE OBSERVER – Heart-wrenching

THE FINANCIAL TIMES – Four Feet Under was selected as one of their top books of 2018

Book details

Four Feet Under on Amazon Best Seller page

Format: Hardcover, 368 pages and Kindle Edition 31011 KB

Publisher: Unbound (23 Aug. 2018)

ISBN-10: 178352572X

ISBN-13: 978-1783525720

Sold by: Amazon (hardback on and Kindle Edition on and, other on-line retailers and most bookshops

Author Bio

Tamsen was born to an English mother (social scientist) and an American father (soldier), and spent the early part of her life in the southern states of the USA.

After a difficult and unhappy childhood there, she moved to England and went on to spend most of her adult life in London. There she mostly remained, going to University and spending time in the erstwhile USSR studying at the Pushkin Institute, in Moscow. Back in England she worked for a bit at the Home Office, researching police powers and then she – accidentally – fell into broadcast journalism (current affairs television) and found the outlet she needed to explore the things she cared about. She mostly worked at BBC’s Panorama and at C4’s Dispatches as well as one or two other independent production companies.

A few years ago, after becoming completely disillusioned with the way British television was going and its lack of commitment to current affairs programming, she and her husband changed course entirely and packed up and moved to Italy where they have largely remained. Tamsen wrote a photo-journal blog about her life during the two years of the Italian Earthquakes of 2016/17 in which she lost her own home.

Tamsen’s great passion is photography which, since living in Italy, she has been able to indulge.

She’s a lifelong pacifist but is a crack-shot, at her local firing range, with a Sig Sauer semi-automatic hand gun. She says, “It’s like form of yoga for the brain – I zone out and can achieve a sort of meditative state. Sounds bonkers, I know! I don’t believe people should use firearms anywhere other than at a regulated range. I certainly have no desire to shoot anyone or anything apart from these paper targets”.

Tamsen is a magnet for sick animals and rescues ridiculous numbers of waifs and strays in her region. If she had to choose just two people’s music, she’d go for Muddy Waters and Bach. She is famously accident-prone and loves people who make her laugh. Tamsen is a disaster in the kitchen but adores eating, she’s hopeless with numbers and never remembers anyone’s birthday.

She is now enjoying her first success as a modern day chronicler of the hidden elements of British society. She has a second book in her sights.