Fine Art

From paint to pixels

Sometimes I see something, possibly a very ordinary ‘something’, but in that moment it becomes beautiful and inside my head it turns into a painting. Once in a while I try and make that painting come to life as a photographic print. Here are a few of them …

Antiquated wooden instruments for making Italian Vin Cotto
Vin Cotto equipment

Statue of man struggling with binds
Statue on gray| Lucca

Racing horse in leather bridle
Horse| Ascoli Piceno

Old Venetian chair fishing net and lifebelt
Drowning| Venice

I have these images produced as Giclee Prints on Hahnemuhle Pearl fine art paper which has an exquisite, slightly orange peel texture … gives them a painterly feel … if you are interested in any of these, just contact me and we can talk, work something out for you.