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It’s an amazing thing, to be able to write down your thoughts and ideas and then have someone publish them … I never quite get over that! Anyway, here are some of mine …

My Articles for The Guardian Newspaper

Homeless man slumped on suitcase Guardian newspaper


More than 450 homeless people died in the UK, in 2017. Exposure, prolonged starvation, suicide and violence were the causes.This article was my reaction … READ MORE


Gloucester Council put out huge posters telling people not to give money to help the homeless … READ MORE

JULY 2017

A good Samaritan tried to buy some food for a homeless man. The shop wouldn’t let him. So, I wrote this about attitudes to homelessness as I’d experienced some prejudice and bigotry, first hand, while researching my book … READ MORE

Other essays and features

Journal of General Practice Nursing logo

Along with some quite distressing photograph, I wrote a piece about the catastrophic effects of homelessness on people’s health … READ MORE

Boundless magazine cover


This is just a fun 3 minute Q&A on how I write and what books I read etc, for the literary magazine, BoundlessREAD MORE

Magazine cover earthquake bedroom


The literary magazine, Boundless asked me to write an essay about ‘Home’. I described what it now meant to me after losing mine in the earthquakes of 2016/17 … READ MORE